4 Android Settings You MUST Enable Today

The Android operating system is one of the world’s most powerful and user-friendly platforms, even out of the box. However, there are ways to quickly make your Android device an even more powerful and robust experience. All you need to do is enable some pretty awesome settings that typically are turned off by default.

Let’s explore a few of our favorite Android settings that will surely help you fall more in love with your Android device.

Find My Device

find my android phone enable

This is the absolute top-priority, must-set setting. Losing a smartphone is the risk we all share. It happens all the time. So anything we can do to prevent such calamity we should do.

Enable Find my Device as soon as you can. You’ll need to install an application from Google Play Store in order to set up Find my Device. But that’s easy.

Find my Device will display the whereabouts of any and all Android devices you allow it to display.

This way, if you lose your Android phone at a happy hour or while hiking, you can jump on your computer and locate which bar or trail your phone remains at.

Install Unknown Apps

One of the biggest reasons to buy an Android device over an IOS device is that you aren’t a slave to the Google Play Store. When you buy an iPhone, unless you “jail break” that phone, you can only download apps from the IOS app store. But Android devices allow you to set up Install Unknown Apps which permits you to download apps, or APK files, from wherever you prefer.

This gives you the opportunity to try new apps that developers allow beta-downloads. Its easy to set up. Simpley go to  Settings > Apps > Chrome/app > Install unknown apps > Enable.

Boom, you’re world of APK files just got way more expansive!

Nearby Share

If you’re familiar with Apple’s Airdrop, then you’ll understand the value in Nearby Share. When Nearby Share is enabled, you’ll be able to quickly and seamlessly share files with other Android users who are near you.

To set up Nearby Share, open Settings > Google > Devices and sharing > Nearby Share > Enable.

Now you can transfer files to other Android users like a pro!

Privacy Settings

This one is fairly obvious, but adjusting your privacy settings to limit which apps have access to your private information is imperative. Look, there are apps you may want to lend such access. But maybe others you don’t. Control access in the privacy settings so you know what’s going on at all times.

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