Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is at the top in the world of streaming services. If you want to take advantage of the thousands of series and films, the practical app allows you to stream anytime, anywhere.

Thousands of titles await
Amazon Prime Video is Amazon’s streaming service. When linked to a paid Amazon Prime account, users can choose from a wide range of titles, such as current series, exclusively produced content, and classic films. New highlights are added continuously, meaning that the library is constantly growing.

Four Prime Video sub-accounts are possible per Amazon account. This means that up to four users can use the service individually and stream their favorite series and films. The accounts can be set up, changed, and restricted at any time. It is also possible to select separate channels for children only. There is then a parental control function, for example.

Entertainment on demand
Like Netflix and Disney+, Amazon Prime Video has many specially produced series and films. These can only be accessed and viewed via the streaming service, so they are unavailable on any other platform. Although some series and movies are limited in time, there is always the option of discovering something new and saving your favorites in lists.

Notifications are displayed when specific titles are no longer available. Unlike Netflix, however, not all series and films are included for free. Certain seasons and titles can be rented and must be paid for separately in advance for the rental period.

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