5 simple tricks on how to speed up your computer

It doesn’t matter how your computer is equipped. Sooner or later, the time will come, and your PC will slow down. If you already have this problem, don’t worry. We will show you 5 simple tricks to make your computer faster again.

1. Install what is necessary; uninstall programs you do not use

How many applications, programs, or browser extensions are installed on your PC? The more items you have installed, the slower your operating system will run.

We recommend that you perform a general program cleanup. Uninstall programs that have been out of use for two or three months and stick to the minimum, i.e., only the essentials.

2. Install every update!

It can be annoying to keep the operating system up to date constantly. But, updating the software or firmware is the key to a healthy and efficient operating system. The reason? The codes are optimized, compatibility with other installed elements is improved, security holes are fixed, crashes are prevented… the list is endless.

3. Be careful with programs running in the background

Many programs running in the background simultaneously will slow down your computer. Decide between programs you need and programs you don’t need. The unimportant ones you can remove or disable.

4. Ensure security measures

Malware negatively affects your computer’s performance. Not to mention unnecessary and annoying browser extensions whose only goal is to collect information on your PC and sell it to third parties.

The problem with this malware and adware is that the programs are installed surreptitiously. The remedy is an antivirus program. You can download the antivirus program from a freeware download site, but these are the sites where the malware and adware are installed. You should invest a little money in a professional antivirus edition.

If you use Windows, Avast is the best protection. The ease of use and the cost are balanced.

Download Avast

5. Obvious programs

Sometimes, it is obvious which program slows down your operating system. In this case, you should focus on the problem.

It is a simple solution, but sometimes, uninstalling and reinstalling the program will solve the problem. Reinstalling will remove the accumulated junk.

If you are using Chrome as your browser, then clear the history. You will see how the browsing speed improves.

Also, it would help if you did not have many extensions open simultaneously. Try to minimize the number of open tabs.

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