3 Essential Gmail Android Add-Ons You Should Be Using Daily

If you’re an avid Android user, you likely are familiar with the Android’s Gmail app. Given you need a Google account to use your smartphone, at least, to its fullest potential, you most likely interact with Gmail.

Gmail is a big deal on Android, yet its potential is often underused. Using Gmail to its fullest means utilizing the vast library of Gmail add-ons for Android.

Here’s 3 Gmail add-ons for Android users that can help you maximize your Gmail experiences.

PandaDoc for Signing

There’s nothing worse than having a document in your Gmail inbox that needs signing. Often, this can mean printing, signing, scanning, and so on. Along the flow of that process, you typically get pretty frustrated with unreliable printers and scanners.

But alas, don’t give up, PandaDoc’s Gmail add-on is here to save the day.

All you have to do is innately confirm who is singing and select them. Then boom, you’re done and ready to send away. The great thing about the PandaDoc app is that it happens within Gmail’s sleek interface on mobile or desktop.

Thesaurus for “Sounding Smarter”

Look, a thesaurus is much more than sounding smarter. It’s about choosing impactful words that help promote emotions or actions from your recipients. It’s about making more precise, understood statements so that communications don’t get lost in translation.

The Power Thesaurus Gmail Add-On is a wordsmith power-users dream. It helps you advance your lexicon, often resulting in more condensed text. And it works its magic right inside the interface.

Trello for Project Management

Project management is an essential pillar for most people. Whether it is work or personal, your life needs organization.

Trello is one of the simplest, most popular project management software. Now you can use it right from within your Gmail app with the Trello Gmail add-on.

When you recieve an email, there’s a nifty button that allows you to immediately add it to your Trello account. So if someone sends you an email to send flowers to someone, rather than “starring” that email, you can add it into your PM cycle so you don’t forget to do it.


Gmail is a powerful email tool. But if you aren’t using Gmail add-ons, particularly for Android, you are losing out on some of the more robust functions.

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