21Days Keto Paleo Weight Loss Meal Plan

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A Paleo and Ketogenic diet, whether on their own, or mixed together have been proven to have positive effects on your body, especially if you have PCOS or other autoimmune diseases.

Paleo and Ketogenic diets are actually quite similar as they both are high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates. There are basically four rules to a Paleo diet. No grains, no legumes, no dairy and no sugars. A ketogenic diet, depending on which type of keto dieter you are, is usually between 0-50g net carbs per day, but most commonly between 0-20g. Moreover, not all keto dieters will stop eating grains/high carb vegetables, legumes and dairy. The general rule is that as long as it fits within your macros, it is acceptable, but then again that really depends on the belief of the dieter.

This meal plan is Paleo = Grain-free, Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Dairy-free
If you’re familiar with my blog ‘My PCOS Kitchen’, you’ll know that I do not post recipes that contain gluten or sugar as I sincerely believe that these are bad for PCOS cysters. Even if you do not follow a ketogenic diet, by simply eliminating gluten and sugar, you will start to notice positive changes within your body as time goes by.

Keto Diet meal plan is your go-to keto diet app for low carb recipes & keto meals. Discover hundreds of delicious keto recipes, calorie & macro tracker, keto diet articles, shopping lists and more low carb diet goodness with the Keto Diet meal plan app!

The keto diet (low-carb diet) is becoming very known and getting accepted and it is only the beginning. Excess sugar and carbs relationship detrimental effects are no longer a secret

Keto Diet meal plan app provides information needed to get the best Ketogenic Diet low carb program on the go. You will never miss out your favorite keto food recipes and it is always be update timely. Learn what to expect when you are getting into the ketogenic diet program and it side effect towards your body. You will also learn the benefits of the diet program for your health and to start your first keto meal diet, you can follow the one week keto meal plan which is provide just for your. Make your own keto diet meal with over 100+ of various different taste and delicious recipe to choose from.

Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet.
There are numerous benefits that come with being on keto: from weight loss and increased energy levels to therapeutic medical applications. Most anyone can safely benefit from eating a low-carb, high-fat diet. Below, you’ll find a short list of the benefits you can receive from a ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic recipes that have been prepared in this app are pure coming from ketogenic diet ingredients. These recipes are not only easy to cook but taste well as well. You'll be guided to find the ingredients and keep them on hand. If you plan ahead and pre-decide your meals, following the keto diet won’t be difficult. You have to be able to resist temptation. Be patient and you will definitely notice positive results in no time. Also, this diet helps you in losing fat from the abdominal region. Inside we collected only best of the best Ketogenic recipes for: Breakfast Main dishes, Lunch Side dishes, Desserts, Snacks, and appetizers.

This keto diet will help you to achieve weight loss and improve the health, this is perfect for beginner since this provides the knowledge of keto diet cooking basics.

How to use this plan:
1. Each day will be between 1,500-1,700 calories (designed for weight
2. This meal plan is designed for 1 person. If you would like to use them
for multiple people, simply multiply the ingredient quantities by the
total number of people.
3. Be flexible! Feel free to replace any of the recipes or ingredients with
your personal choices and adjust the ingredient amounts to fit your
macros and situation.
 If you follow a very strict keto diet, make sure to personalize this meal
plan (including the snack list suggestion at the end) to make it work
for you.


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