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Track product prices so that you can find the best deal
PriceBot is a price tracker & deal finder that allows you to track the price of a product, and get a price alert notification whenever the price of a product which you are interested in changes. All you need to do is copy the URL of the product’s web page, open PriceBot, and click on ‘Add Product’!

Track product prices from any online shop
Most of the price tracker apps on the Play Store only work with a select few online shops – most of the time, this is limited to the most popular online shops like Amazon, Ebay, etc; but PriceBot is compatible with 99% of online shops! This is possible because PriceBot uses machine learning algorithms to ‘read’ product pages in the same way that a human would, which means that it can detect and extract product information from a wide variety of online shops, making PriceBot one of the most helpful deal finders on the Play Store.

Price Chart
Once you add a product to PriceBot, the app will store the price of the product in a graph over time, so that you can decide when the best time is to buy the product!

Once you upgrade to PriceBot Premium, you will unlock:
Unlimited number of products – Remove the 4 product limit, and track as many products as you want.
More frequent price checks – The free version of the app checks the price of your products every 72 hours, but the premium version automatically checks your product prices every 24 hours.
Full Price History – As a premium user, you will be able to view the full price history of your products, since the day that you started tracking them.

So why not try PriceBot, one of the newest deal finder apps on the Play Store, to start receiving price alerts, which will help you save money on your online shopping!


Buneme Kyakilika
Mar 20, 2021
35.52 MB

Big UI improvements
Performance improvements for users who are tracking lots of products

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