Palmistry – Palm Reading 3D

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Would you like to get a free palm reading but can’t find a reliable alternative? This 3D palm reader has a video game aesthetic and is very reliable and easy to use.
It tells you about present, past and future aspects of love, health, money, love, luck, personality traits and much more.

To ensure that the results are 100% reliable, this app does not use a camera or hand scanner.

✋🏻 How does 3D Chiromancy work?

As stated above, the palm reader is not a scanner. This means that you must select the hand lines manually by completing a short questionnaire that will take you 2 minutes. This allows a much higher accuracy and reliability. Finally, the gypsy fortune teller will read and interpret the lines on your palm, offering surprising results.

✋🏻 Which hand to analyse?

There are many beliefs and variations on which hand to analyse in palmistry. In this app a simplified version is used: the dominant hand shows the present and past and the non-dominant hand shows the person’s future or potential.

✋🏻 Hand lines and analysed features

– Heart line
– Head line
– Luck line
– Life line
– Mounts of the hand (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Sun)
– Shape of the hand (water, earth, air and fire)

✋🏻 Advantages of palm reading with real charts

– Enjoy a unique and inverse experience with realistic graphics
– Choose your hand lines easily by identifying them with a guide
– Get your palm reading as if you were going to a real psychic, in person
– Learn how to interpret palmistry from the psychic
– Available without internet, unlimited
– Completely free of charge and without costs of any kind
– Based on astrology and the zodiac
– Optimised for all types of devices
– Immersive sound effects, for an optimal experience

This app receives regular updates, if you want to report an improvement, feel free to do so at


Jun 9, 2022
40.1 MB

First version of 3D free palmistry

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