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Are you looking for a real advanced palm reading? Do you want to discover your future and past in love, health, money and much more?
This free palmistry app allows you to identify all your hand lines and gives you a very detailed interpretation.

We want to offer maximum reliability, so our app does NOT use the camera.

We are also tired of hand scanner apps with camera that supposedly identifies lines, that’s why we offer you the best possible hand reading in English.

✋🏻 How does free palm reading work?

To get a palm reading you only have to complete a short questionnaire of about 20 questions. In this questionnaire you will be able to identify your palm lines, hand shape, mounts, finger and nail size and you will get the best results!

✋🏻 Which lines of the hand are analyzed?

Heart line: it indicates everything about love, love events, preferences in romance and much more.
Head line: Indicates our creativity, interests, personality, attitude towards life, etc.
Life line: Indicates the physical and mental health of the consultant, difficult moments and more.
Luck line: The luck line indicates the influence of fortune on the consultant, it can also indicate the influence of other people.

✋🏻 Palmistry results.

Reading the hand is very easy thanks to the real and complete results we offer. No other app offers such a complete interpretation.

✋🏻 Advantages of using Read the Hand Free.

⭐ Easy to use.
⭐ Share the results
⭐ Very effective and fast
⭐ App support
⭐ Free, no limits
⭐ Tested with users
⭐ Learn palmistry.

We have focused on providing the best user experience, if you find any bugs or suggestions you can send them to:

We hope you get answers you’re looking for in palmistry!


Apr 13, 2022
5.18 MB

Free palmistry update in English
- New hand shape and mount results
- Improved design

How to install Palm Reading - Real Palmistry?

Option 1:

To download the APK file directly from our site, tap the "APK Download" button above.

Option 2:

To install the Palm Reading - Real Palmistry from the official Google Play Store or Apple App Store, click the button above to download.