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AutoZen, the Car Auto Launcher and Navigation app is a great driving companion for your Android Phone.

This car assistant app will help you stay focused while driving with the Turn by Turn Navigation and other useful features. AutoZen makes it safer to drive when you need to control the vehicle multimedia or receive a call, among other things. If you are looking for a replacement for the discontinued Android Auto for phones, this app might be for you.

Along with accurate drive navigation, this Car Dash or Dashboard Assistant app will allow you to search for your contacts, control your favorite music players such as Spotify, Deezer, Podcasts, Youtube, and more from the main screen.

This Auto Launcher app will also be really helpful for you while you are driving your bike as a great auto companion. If you are looking for a car launcher app that also works as a drive navigation app for your bike, then this might be a great app for you.

The voice command feature makes it so much easier to operate while you are in driving mode. Whether you are looking for an Auto Navigator or Car Media Player app that allows your every car activity safe and easy, this car launcher app is for you.

You can easily convert your phone as a dashboard for your car by putting your phone on a car phone holder and starting the app. Enjoy the GPS auto navigation for any address you are going to with this free car launcher app for android.

Some Key Features of the Auto Car Launcher App:

Drive Safe with Hands-free:
If reading and sending messages is one of your regular car activities, then this feature will come in really handy for you. If you are looking for a car player app that can read messages aloud while you are driving, then this app is for you. Also, it allows you to write messages just by talking. Keep both of your hands on the steering wheel or bike handles while reading or typing a message.

Efficient Auto Navigator: Turn by Turn Navigation
This multi launcher for cars features a built in navigator with a map that features all the cities of the world. Just select or put in the address by searching, and the app will guide you through the path with efficiency. It will display speed cameras along the way with audible alerts, to ensure a safe journey. If you are looking for an auto navigator app with an efficient guiding system and address launcher, this app is for you.

A Perfect Car Media Player and Vehicle Multimedia Controller:
Add and manage all of your favorite media players in one app and control them with just a tap. If you are someone who enjoys carplay radio or carplay music, then this app can be a great car player for you. It's a vehicle multimedia controlling app that allows you to listen to your favorite music, podcast programs while driving with ease and comfort. Control the volume, playlist, and easier than ever.

Receive & Make Calls Easily:
Manage your contacts from within this car multi launcher app and receive and make calls with just a tap from within this app. Use the hands free to talk with your friends, colleagues, and family members when driving your vehicle without having to touch your phone. AutoZen is one of the most comprehensive auto launcher car dashboard apps that allows you to manage every car activity with ultimate ease.

Read and Send Messages Without Touching the Phone:
Allow AutoZen Car Navigation & Launcher app to receive and send messages and make your life easier! It is capable of reading messages aloud and allows you to type messages just by speaking! No need to distract yourself when you must read or send a message. You can use popular messaging apps like whatsapp, telegram, fb messenger, Slack and your phone's default SMS from inside this auto launcher and navigator app.

Really Handy Cardash App:
You can see the information at glance like the current weather, battery level, clock, phone signal, and more.
Select your drive mode (Auto or bike), download and enjoy it for free!


Aug 15, 2022
162.96 MB

* Music app Autostart in order to have multimedia control working (settings->media
* Improvements
* Bluetooth autostart possible fix
* battery Improvement
* Calendar widget
New Launcher option is here!!!
* "Cool walk" launcher
* Clock widget
You want a launcher and widgets?
try it now in Settings->themes & Appareance and select the Launcher type, between Map with navigation or Launcher with customizable pages and widgets
please send any feedback to
[email protected]

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