Scheduler: Productivity Timer

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Searching for a tool that can help organize your workflow? Scheduler: Productivity Timer will do this for you!

App uses a timer to break down work into intervals (by default 25 minutes in length), separated by short breaks. which helps to improve concentration and prevents exhaustion. App also gives you possibility to organize your workplan and manage tasks.

Here is why you should download this app. Scheduler provides:
-You can donate to support application and get access to customizable app widget!
-Easy-to-use intuitive interface.
-List of tasks you need to do. You can add, delete, assign colors and default work time to them, reorganize order of tasks (long click to do this), splite them into categories.
-Setting workflow: set how long you will work on task, how long will be the rest, how many worksessions it will take you to reach long break interval and finally how long this interval will be.
-Convenient action menu in notification: you can stop timer, restart it, skip current interval or mark current task done and proceed to the next one.
-Fully customizable design (choose any color you want in settings).
-Different sound signals for work- and rest-period start notification.
-Statistics of how long have you been working on each task + complex statistics of your work results.
-List of already accomplished tasks to make you be proud of yourself 🙂
-Confirmation dialog for new session start.

If you want to make a contribution and translate Scheduler to your language – let me know.


Yaroslav Shevchuk
Feb 25, 2017
3.83 MB

-Fixed bug with sorting categories (long click on category to change its place).
-Warning dialogues (can be disabled in settings).
-Clicking on notification will open timer.
-Timer won't stop if you click on current task.

-Repeating tasks
-Enhanced statistics

-Extreme power saving mode (for full version)
-Clear statistics option
-Widget bug fix
-Status bar color fix

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