Palmistry for every day

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Palmistry is one of the most ancient systems of divination about the individual characteristics of a person, his character traits, the events he has experienced and his future fate according to the skin relief of the palms – papillary and especially flexor lines, as well as hills in the palm and in the appearance of the hand.

In our application, you can easily analyze your palm.

The result of the scan will be the information of your field lines:
Line of Fate
Heart Line
Life Line
Success Line

Find out what the future holds! Get love fortune telling in the palm of your hand!

Palmistry, along with esotericism, parapsychology, astrology, bioenergetics and other similar teachings, is not recognized as a science by any serious scientific community. Nowadays, most scientists classify palmistry as a pseudoscience.

An entertainment application!


DD Bros.
Aug 25, 2022
32.14 MB

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