Palm Reading, Tarot: AstroBot

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Palm reader AstroBot is a unique fortune teller that provides you with astrology predictions through free palmistry, birth chart, tarot, astrology and horoscope.

Are you looking for a real advanced palm reading? This free palm reader app offers predictions about life by combining different divinations disciplines like clairvoyance, tarot, coffee cup reading, astrology, numerology, palm reading, horoscopes, rune reading, dream interpretation and meaning.

AstroBot is the most complete personalized astrology app! This talking oracle, can answer to your open or yes or no questions and predict your future in love, life, money and health by using natal chart, palmistry, tarots, horoscopes and evaluating person’s past and making inferences about present.

Some clairvoyance predictions (palm reading, birth chart, dream dictionary) consume experience points (XP) when used. You earn points using daily astrology and clairvoyance services based on your date of birth: daily horoscope offline, tarot cards reading, runes interpretation, numerology, yes or no oracle.
Discover, what the future holds for you with the fortune teller AstroBot, your personal palm reader and natal chart app!


RoboBot Studio
Aug 31, 2022
46 MB

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