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Do you want a personalized diet plan with which you can lose weight in 30 days or less? This app introduces you to a new paleo diet plan 'paleolithic' that you can totally customize to your liking. This application is very good for people who are newbies or beginners in the world of diets. It is completely valid for men and women alike. This app has been correctly translated into English and is completely free. All this means that we have no excuse not to follow this diet to lose the weight that we have always wanted.

The paleo diet is an eating plan that is based on the foods that humans ate in the paleolithic age. This type of diet includes lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and some seeds. As we can see, the foods that we have mentioned before are those that humans could obtain through hunting and gathering. The paleo diet is also known as the paleolithic diet, the stone age diet, and can even be called the hunter-gatherer diet.

It has never been so easy to lose weight in 30 days. Although this app offers you a 30-day meal plan, you can follow it for as long as you like. Thanks to that, we believe that we can also lose weight in 7 days (one week), 10 days, 14 days (two weeks), 21 days (three weeks), and even lose weight in 30 days. In case you need more time, you can select the option to restart the personalized diet and you can start from the first day again.

👉 Results after performing the paleo diet
Several comparisons have been made with other diets to lose weight. These comparisons suggest that these types of personalized diets may have the following benefits:
✔️ It has been possible to lose more weight with this type of diet
✔️ Better glucose tolerance and better blood pressure control
✔️ Better appetite control

All this makes this diet plan a great option when choosing a diet plan to lose weight today. Losing weight has never been so easy!

👉 Utilities found in this application
✔️ Weight diary: In this section we will be able to save the weight of each day until we obtain the ideal weight that we need. On the other hand, this section also offers us a graph in which we can see our progress little by little.

✔️ Personal diary: Would you like to have a personal diary where you write down your thoughts or concerns? In this section you can create a record for each day.

✔️ Shopping list: Forget about going to a supermarket or your favorite store with a piece of paper. This application offers us a section where we can write down everything we need to buy for our day.

✔️ Personalized notifications: Do you want to establish fixed times to consume your meals of the day? This section gives you the opportunity to create notifications in case you forget to eat your food.

⭐️ Download our app now and start losing weight easily in a balanced and healthy way ⭐️


Jul 4, 2022
10.52 MB

- Correction of some problems
- Improved UI stability
- Personal diary has been improved
- Correction in all languages

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