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Do you need a digital detox? The average American spends 31% of their waking hours on mobile devices. Yes, really! Off the Grid is a digital detox app that helps curb phone addiction so you can cut that number down and reconnect with real life. And it's free!

• Out to dinner and always checking your phone?
  Off the Grid locks down your phone so you engage with the people around you.
• Want to put down your phone every night at 8pm?
  Schedule your Off the Grid time and your phone will stop distracting you, automatically.
• Need to make sure your significant other can reach you?
  Choose whether to allow calls when you're Off the Grid.
• Worried your friends will wonder why you're not responding?
  Custom auto-reply messages let your friends know you’re Off the Grid.
• Want to take a selfie with your friends?
  No problem, you can still access your camera app.

Still not convinced the quality of your life will improve by putting down your phone and doing a digital detox? Check out our digital detox articles at

Off the Grid is effective and a cinch to use. Give it a try! 🙂


Digital Detox
Feb 18, 2022
16.32 MB

- Bug fixes and code improvements

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