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Novello is a new book reader, web novel and free reading app. We are committed to create a better reading experience for users who web novels, books, good novels, webfic and fanfiction. In Novello, you can easily find your favorite novels(romance stories, web novels, werewolf, alpha) and have an immersive reading experience. Are you ready to enter the world of novels?

Why Novello?

🌟All web novels, webfic, fanfiction and books available in Novello are hand-picked with the best contents. Each and every one is excellent in their own way, saving you the time to decide which one to binge over.

🌟There are many types of books, web novels, webfic, fanfiction, romance stories and every good novel is very popular. Top genres: romance stories, werewolf, love, LGBT, Boss/CEO and more

🌟Update new books, novels and stories every day, and have new choices every day, and there are a lot of free webfic, fanfiction and web novels updated regularly

🌟Novello is the best book reader, web novel and free reading app. Simple operation, clear and concise product interface, will flourish your diversified reading desires!

💗Key features:
💎The hottest web novel and webfic topics: Romantic stories, Billionaire agreements, LGBT, Bad boys, Werewolf, Alpha, Boss/CEO, Popular K-POP fan fiction, Horror, Fantasy, New adults, Fanfiction
💎Unique layout of paper: comparable to the layout of a paper book
💎Build your own library: manage books like drag and drop desktop icons
💎Screen rotation: support vertical and horizontal screen

【Hot Stories🔥】

[You are Mine]
The line separating darkness and light is very thin, no one knows when they will stumble upon the other side. The same thing happened to him long ago, an incident and he was dragged into the other side of the world, but instead of being devoured by the darkness, he swallowed it. Ruling over the demons of the society he was no less of a demon to them, a demon that fell in love with the fairy of light, Noor. Mahnoor, a cheerful young girl who suddenly finds herself imprisoned in a cage created by the most infamous man she knew, Moosa Khan. Who claimed to love her, but how can this fairy of light love back a demon?

[Pure Perfection ]
After running away with her baby sister from her abusive father, Juliana bumps into the last person she would expect to help her.

He was rough, dangerous and extremely powerful. He tempted Juliana in ways no one has ever done before but with someone adamant on keeping them apart, will their love prevail?

[Daddies Wolf]
Wolves are either dominant or submissive. One can't live without the other your wolf will go crazy and go feral, you'll end up killing someone or killing yourself.

I grew up a human, i had a future waiting for me. Until i changed and became a wolf, i never asked to become one.
Everything changed my school, life, i had two dominant to obey now.

I'm the pack beta, I'm always in charge but when the new little puppy came in to town i couldn't help but claim him as mine. Well mine and noah's my mate.

I'm the co-beta and jacob's mate. He loves to act all big bad cop while I'm the good cop in our relation. All we've been missing a little to complete our family and satisfy our dominance tendency.

We're both daddy doms and the new puppy is ours, all that's left for him to get used to it.


Novello Inc.
Mar 6, 2022
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