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Uber, Lyft, and Doordash Drivers Use Mystro
Rideshare drivers: Earn more money whether you drive with Uber or Lyft. If you have the Uber and Lyft Driver apps installed then you need this app.
Mystro helps rideshare drivers, like Uber partners, drive smarter by auto-switching between rideshare apps, auto-accepting only the trips they want, like long trips to the airport, and eliminating unprofitable trips like Uber Pool or Lyft Shared.
The more rideshare services you drive for, the more trips you can get and the less downtime you’ll experience when using Mystro. Mystro currently supports Uber Driver and Lyft Driver, with support for more services coming soon.
Make More Money
Drivers have reported making up to 30% more money when using Mystro, together with Uber Driver and Lyft Driver.
So you can make more money and drive safer with Mystro.
Drive Safer
Hands-free driving allows for less distracted driving – With Mystro managing your rideshare apps you can focus more on safe driving and delivering the best passenger experience. Keep your passengers, streetside civilians, and your driving record safe.
• Auto-switch between Uber Driver and Lyft Driver – Accept more rides!
• Filters allow you to accept rides by distance – Accept more profitable rides!
• Auto-disable apps when you accept a ride – Drive safer and avoid distractions!
• Available on iOS (AppStore)!
Press & Media – Mystro Featured In
• The Wall Street Journal
• Wired Magazine
• Inc.
• TechCrunch
Make More, Drive Less with Mystro.
Make more money driving with Uber and Lyft. Drive safer and deliver a better rider experience letting Mystro auto-switch between apps and accept only the trips you want. Mystro can help you make up to 30% while driving less.
Mystro offers a free 14-day trial. If you aren’t earning more money, booking more trips, and driving less, while being a safer driver, simply uninstall the app, your Uber and Lyft Driver apps function the same as before.
Download the Mystro app and start making more money today!
This app uses Accessibility Services to assist users with disabilities and users who are temporarily unable to fully interact with their device because they are driving.


Mystro Driver
Jun 29, 2022
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