Live Police Scanner

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Instantly connect with live broadcast stations. The scanner is free and ready to use!
– States. You can find stations located in which state.
– Reach live radios. You can also see listener counts for each station.
– Reach near radios around you.
– Save your favorite stations for later usage.
– Last played station always saved for later usage.
– Alerts! Always you can check alert feeds with descriptions about that alert.
– Reach 10 Codes Meanings for each State & Town in the USA.
– Multiple theme support. Choose your best theme.
Listen to police radio in your town any time.
50 most listened Police Scanner Radio channels changing dynamically with listener numbers.

Discover the local live police scanner radio, fire alarm, railroad radio, air traffic control, emergency alert, and amateur radio station. Keep updated about the local news, emergency, and public safety affairs near you!

Explanation of why a couple of permissions are needed:

• The "Location" permission is required so that the app can determine what scanners are located in your area when you select "Near". When you select "Near" the app first attempts to determine your location via the network, if that fails the app then tries to determine your location via GPS.


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Aug 1, 2022
6.72 MB

Performance improvements have been made.

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