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Like you, LIFX wants smarter light. This means we care about the way you control your smart lights, as much as we do about the lights themselves. We make it easy to get started with WiFi-enabled, bright, colorful smart lights that need no hub. Yep, you can start with just one device.

LIFX App can not only help give you the best start, but will turn your experience “up to 11”. Automate your wake up Schedule, or set up your movie-watching Scene (then set up voice control so you don’t even have to leave the sofa), or play with Effects next time you’re entertaining.


The LIFX app is packed full of features like:

– The Basics: on/off, dim, change color, change white temperature.

– Groups: control all lights in a group easily, including on/off and dimming with one touch from the Home Dashboard.

– Group personalization: choose a LIFX illustration to suit or personalize Group cards with your own pictures.

– Schedules: automate your lights to fade, change color, and turn on/off, all visible in an easy calendar-style view.

– Effects: play with special effects like the music visualizer, fire, move, candle flicker, strobe, color cycle & more, all in one place.

– Scenes: set your lighting just the way you like it and save it for later.

– Themes: a library of one click color combinations for a Group, from ‘Proud’ to ‘Soothing’.

– Paint: with your finger in the app, paint color live onto your LIFX Z, Beam, Tile and Candle.

– Custom color palettes: add your favorite colors to a custom color palette.

– Discover Tab: find How To guides, learn about integration partners, or shop for LIFX

– Switches: configure switches to control your LIFX lights, groups and scenes, as well as other non-LIFX devices

– and much more.

Example uses from our customers:

– Ambiance: schedule warmer light in the evening – to calm – and whiter light in the morning – to energize.

– “Moccupancy”: set irregular schedules to make it seem like you’re home when you’re not.

– Sleep: set your bedroom lights to deep red just before bed to produce more melatonin which helps you get better quality sleep.

– Stay put: you’ve settled into the sofa for a streaming binge but left the lights on. No need to jump up to the switch, just ask your voice assistant.

– Pet owners: if you’re unexpectedly late home from work, turn the lights on for your dog from wherever you are.

– Silent notifications: use partner apps to give you a light flash if… your car is arriving, or the forecast says it will rain, or you are mentioned on social media, and much more.


Best color-changing smart bulb for HomeKit – CNET

Pairing LIFX with Apple HomeKit is easy using the HomeKit onboarding QR code available in the product packaging.

Stay in touch.

Need a helping hand, or want to offer us some advice? We would love to hear from you about your LIFX experience. You can reach us at [email protected].

LIFX lights are available at


LiFi Labs Inc.
Jul 15, 2022
97.77 MB
Varies with device
Varies with device

Various bug fixes and stability improvements
Improvements to onboarding reliability and device discoverability

How to install LIFX?

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To download the APK file directly from our site, tap the "APK Download" button above.

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To install the LIFX from the official Google Play Store or Apple App Store, click the button above to download.