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Getting tired of normal weightlifting? Feeling unmotivated to go to the Gym? Let Idle Gym Life take care of that for you! Download Idle Gym Life now and write the story of a boy on a road to become the world strongest man. You will begin as a fat, ugly and sad boy. But as the game advances – with many sets of exercises – your body will slowly change into that of a bodybuilder. The path won’t be a short and easy one, though. You will have to overcome many challenges & opponents in order to reach your goal. Your strength is not only shown through the calf or biceps muscles, but also tested through punching exercises, hammering and fighting with gangsters. Join us with funny graphics to reduce fat and increase muscle mass to the maximum and conquer challenges right away! Features: Addictive gameplay with unique main character’s body evolutions. The Rock will be your game buddy and personal trainer. Various challenges to complete with high rewards. Excellent 3D Graphic. Hidden stories that unlock as you get stronger Unique opponents to fight. From a gymer from other gyms, to maniacs and criminal douches. User-friendly interface. Everything above for FREE and with FULL PHONE SUPPORT Download Idle Gym Life now and begin training THE WORLD STRONGEST MAN.


EZ Games JSC.
Aug 8, 2022
165.24 MB


Version Size Requirements Date
1.2.5 168.94 MB 5.0 03/09/2022

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