HoneyPi: The smart beehive scale

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The HoneyPi app gives you the best overview of the measured data of your HoneyPi beehive scale. Monitor valuable data from your hives to increase efficiency in your daily work with the beehives.

HoneyPi is a measuring system for your hives based on the Raspberry Pi. It can measure values such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, air quality and weight. The hardware and sensors for your HoneyPi beehive scale can be combined as you wish.You can find more information on our website https://www.honey-pi.de/en/.

The counterpart to your HoneyPi measuring system is the HoneyPi app, which clearly visualizes your measured data. The measurement data is obtained from the IoT platform ThingSpeak, which is why a user account must be created at ThingSpeak. If you don't have a ThingSpeak account yet, you can register for free here: https://thingspeak.com/login.

Possible usage scenarios of the HoneyPi app are the detection of a flying swarm of bees by a rapid weight loss. The brood chamber temperature can also be monitored to check whether the hive is kept warm enough in the winter and whether the colony still has brood.

Main functions of the HoneyPi app:
– Login: Simply log in with your User API key from your ThingSpeak account and any username.
– Customizable switchable dashboard: Switch between your hives and create a dashboard with the latest data.
– Specialized detail pages: There are predefined detail pages for temperature, humidity, air pressure, air quality and weight measurements. These are named using the ThingSpeak field name of the respective ThingSpeak channel. On the detail pages the measured values are displayed in clear diagrams. In addition, maximum, minimum and average values are calculated and displayed for the selected time periods.
– Calculation of the honey yield: With the help of the measuring data of the weight sensor the daily honey yield is calculated and represented as bar chart. Also a summed up honey yield from several days is displayed.
– Predefined and user-defined periods: For the presentation of the diagrams on the detail pages, you can choose between the predefined periods "Today", "3 days", "7 days" and "30 days". You can also select a user-defined period.
– Extensive settings: On the settings page you have access to various settings. For example, you can turn your ThingSpeak fields on or off or change their assignment to the detail pages.
– Login-Logout possibility: You can log in and out of the HoneyPi app at any time.


Jun 10, 2022
9.06 MB

- Fix 24-hour change calculation
- Change today's line chart color to blue

How to install HoneyPi: The smart beehive scale?

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