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Optimize your android device to achieve the best performance with GVortex

Enjoy a better gaming experience with the GVortex game booster app Some of the features in GVortex are:

## Game Filters
Add your favorite games to the gamefilter

## Ram Booster
Optimize your device's performance by killing background apps with the Smart Ram Cleaner feature

## Cache cleaner
Optimize your device's performance by cleaning junk files on your device with the junk cleaner feature

## Game/Application analysis
GVortex is also equipped with a feature to analyze the apps installed on your device including Bloatware (factory default apps). with just one touch you can find a list of applications that are not useful and only consume your device's memory and CPU.

## Notes GVortex uses the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission with the aim of creating a list of applications/games installed on the user's device, to be added to the list (bookmark) of applications/games that GVortex will optimize. QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission is required for GVortex core functions, without GVortex QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission it will not work.


Aug 27, 2022
2.95 MB


Version Size Requirements Date
1.27 2.95 MB 5.0 09/09/2022
1.26 2.95 MB 5.0 07/09/2022

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