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Followers and Unfollowers for Instagram – A Powerful Follower Analytics App for Instagram

One day, while you look at your Instagram page, you suddenly realize that your number of followers has dropped. You want to know exactly what happened and who unfollowed you, but Instagram doesn’t provide easy ways to manage your followers and keep track of who follows and unfollows you. If you’re still looking for an app that assists you in solving these problems, Followers and Unfollowers for Instagram is just for you !
Followers & Unfollowers for Instagram is a free Instagram follower analyzer app. It lets you see all insights on your Instagram profile. With our app, you can easily manage and track your followers. It will notify you of your new followers and let you know who unfollowed or blocked you recently. List of people whom you unfollowed recently are also displayed in detail. In addition, this app also gives you a detailed report on the mutual followers and assists you in finding out people who don’t follow back so that you can easily clean them out of your following list. Followers & Unfollowers for Instagram allows you to unfollow unlimitedly and supports unfollowing 50 people at once, this makes your Instagram management become much more effective. Moreover, our app supports adding multiple accounts so you can easily switch many different accounts and analyze them.
Now, let’s explore the outstanding features of Followers & Unfollowers for Instagram.
Key features of Followers and Unfollowers for Instagram (free version):
☑️ Don’t follow you back: People whom you follow but they don’t follow you back on Instagram
☑️ You don’t follow back: People who follow you but you don’t follow back on Instagram
☑️ Mutual: Mutual followers, people who you follow and they follow you back
☑️ Activity: Interactions between you and your followers
☑️ Notification:
● New followers: people who followed you recently
● Unfollowers: people who unfollowed you recently
For more in the PRO version:
★ Remove ads
★ Unfollow 50 at once
★ Add multiple accounts
★ Unlimited unfollow
★ Track new followers and unfollowers
★ Unlock all features
Managing your Instagram profile and tracking your followers has never ever been easier with Followers and Unfollowers for Instagram. Useful for both individual and business accounts in growing their Instagram.
Followers and Unfollowers for Instagram is available for free on Google Play Store, so download now and enjoy it!
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● You need an Instagram account to use this app!
● This app is not affiliated with Instagram.
● It is recommended to use a phone with at least 1GB of RAM.


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Jun 19, 2022
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