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Digital Detox Dragons (DDD) is a pomodoro + DnD style RPG game. Improve in the real world by detoxing from your phone and level up in the game world to defeat dragons. Go on epic quests, and defeat hordes of enemies, all the while performing your everyday tasks with much better focus and improved productivity. The scientifically proven Pomodoro Technique is thus combined with effective gamification to provide to you the ultimate productivity gamification app!

Start as a novice level 1 battling for survival against rats and level up over time into a fierce level 100 warrior battling against Kings and Dragons. Detox the fun way! the DnD way. The DDD way.

Welcome to Digital Detox Dragons! DDD is designed to help you achieve greater productivity in your everyday life and digitally detox (with the added benefits of being able to fight dragons 😉). Set period of detox on the slider and hit start. Default is 25 mins(one pomodoro). If you leave the app at any time when the timer is running, it will be cancelled.

Successful completion of 5 mins of uninterrupted concentration away from your phone gives you 1XP. Thus if you complete a pomodoro, you get 5XP. The XP can be spent under the Train option, where you can spend XP to improve your characters stats.

– Level : This is your level. Higher level deals higher damage to enemies. It also determines your position on Leaderboards. Level increases for every continuous 25 mins you have concentrated.
– HP : This is your health. You lose if it hits zero during fights.
– Attack : Higher attack means you inflict more damage to enemies.
– Defense : Higher defense means you can better withstand enemy attacks.
– Speed : Higher speed gives you better chances to strike first and deal extra damage to enemies.
– Capacity : This determines maximum number of charges you can do for an attack. This will be explained further later on.
You can also customise your character under the settings tab and also access app settings from there.

You can see your enemy at bottom right. Enemies get stronger with level. Your aim is to defeat The Dragon King. Press the Begin button to begin the fight. Fights happen in rounds. In every round you have 4 options :
– Attack – You aggressively attack enemy. Deals strong damage to opponent. However your defense against the opponent's attack is weakened.
– Defend – You take a cautious approach to attacking the enemy. Your defense against opponent's attack is higher, but you also deal less damage.
– Charge – You charge yourself to deal a much stronger attack on the next move. Your defense is slightly reduced this turn and you do not deal any damage to opponent.
– Yield – You can also choose to give up the fight and try again at another time
The two colored bars show the available HP of you and your opponent each round. The bar beneath that shows how much built up charge either of you has.
The maximum number of charges you can store is limited by the Capacity stat. If you have available charges, all of it will be used at once to deal devastating damage to the enemy when you chose to Attack. Choosing to defend with charges does not use up charge, but rather defends as normal.
Bring your enemy's HP to zero to get to the next level!


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Sep 12, 2020
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